Terms and Conditions for using the Chauffeurs Service offered by KlassChauffeur

All business between customers and KlassChauffeur is a transaction dependent on the terms and conditions characterized here. By consenting to the terms and conditions of KlassChauffeur ltd, the passenger enters a contract with the licensed PHV operator (KlassChauffeur) for the provision of transportation services and the booking itself.

By making a booking through our phone or email, you agree that you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts and are over 18 years old.

KlassChauffeur team serves their clients every day between 9:00 to 18:00. We will strive to always exceed all expectations, but the more in advance you make an enquiry, the bigger the probability that we will be able to allocate an available chauffeur-driven vehicle that can satisfy your request.
Contact us via phone or email to make an enquiry and/or booking, and our booking agent will assist you. To make a booking through our booking agent, the passenger must give us full contact details, including full name, email address, and contact number. Failing to do as such KlassChauffeur will not be able to assist you any further.
The arrangement agreement between KlassChauffeur and the customer and/or passenger for the requested travel service comes into effect after a separate statement («Booking Confirmation») outlining ride details is sent by KlassChauffeur through email and/or text message.

All quotes for journeys from UK airports and seaports incorporate 60 minutes of complimentary waiting time. All other trips include 15 minutes of complimentary waiting time, including for each via point.
After the complimentary time is finished for all journeys, a charge of £60/hour applies and will be calculated in 15 minute-increments and separately charged from the provided debit or credit card when the booking is made. Or ‘We reserve the right to charge any credit or debit card provided at the time of booking.’

All charges are payable in advance except the customers that have a corporate account KlassChauffeur. The debit or credit card you use when making the booking will be charged for any additional charges, e.g., extra waiting time, parking charges and tolls.
• Debit and credit card payments have a surcharge already included in the final fare.

  • Charges are collected in GBP by the licenced PHV operator (KlassChauffeur).
  • The charge on your debit or credit card statement will be shown KlassChauffeur Services


5.1 Changes must be requested by the customer during working hours and confirmed by the licensed PHV operator (KlassChauffeur)
The customer must inform us of the changes immediately after it has been decided that the changes are required. Changes should be made not less than 24 hours before the initially scheduled pick-up time. If the changes are requested within less than 24 hours, we will put forth an effort to accommodate the changes. However, we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of the changes KlassChauffeur is responsible for notifying the customer that the requested changes cannot be accommodated via the existing contact details (phone and/or email). In cases when KlassChauffeur cannot satisfy the requested change, the customer can request a cancellation.
5.2 Cancellations must be requested by the customer during working hours and must be confirmed by the licensed PHV operator (KlassChauffeur).
If the cancellation is made and acknowledged by our office team during office hours KlassChauffeur will refund any charges to the debit or credit card used when the booking was made under the terms set below. Please note that debit and credit card surcharges are non-refundable.
Less than 24 hours’ notice – a 50% cancellation fee will be applied for each vehicle.

Less than 12 hours notice – a 100% cancellation fee will be applied for each vehicle.
If the passenger fails to arrive at the nominated location for which a booking has been made and confirmed, the money paid will be non-refundable.
5.3 The full amount, debit, and credit card surcharges are refundable KlassChauffeur cannot supply the requested transportation services due to driver and vehicle unavailability.

Our chauffeurs will drive at reasonable speeds as per their judgment of the pervasive street conditions and traffic at any specific time and always within the speed limits as per road traffic regulation laws. At the point when a hirer wishes to be driven to a particular location, the driver will use the route which is, in his supposition, the best and generally advantageous for motoring, regardless of whether the route is the shortest or not, unless instructed otherwise or the hirer requests a specific route.
A reasonable amount of ordinary passenger luggage is allowed. However, luggage will not be transported, which amounts to excessive weight and volume in the chauffeur’s view. KlassChauffeur reserves the right to refuse to carry luggage that is excessively large and heavy in the chauffeur’s view, and which has not been appropriately communicated by the customer at the time of booking. Transporting excessive luggage poses a significant risk to the safety of the passengers and the driver, and it can also cause damage to the vehicle. If the carriage of excessive luggage is not possible, the payment made KlassChauffeur by the customer for the booking will not be influenced and the money paid will not be refunded should the customer request a journey cancellation.
Fleet allocation.
We reserve the right to change the vehicles to an equivalent before the journey, dependent on accessibility, if a previously requested vehicle becomes inaccessible or if there is a risk of a driver not making it on the scheduled time for a pick-up. We will guarantee the category chosen by the customer but not the vehicle’s make, specs, or colour KlassChauffeur will notify the customer 2 hours in advance regarding car and chauffeur details.
Requests for child seats must be made at the time of the booking. One child seat is free of charge but needs to be requested in advance. Suppose you wish to utilize your child seat. In that case, you will be responsible for installing it safely and removing it at your destination. Care should likewise be taken not to damage the inside of the vehicle. Otherwise, you may be charged compensation (refer to clause 9).

On a private hire, no animals (other than guide and hearing dogs) may be carried in any vehicle without prior agreement from the company KlassChauffeur reserves the right to refuse the carriage of animals that were not agreed to at the time of booking. Pets and animals must be transported in a closed and suitable transport box/carrier to not damage the interior of the vehicle. The passenger must ensure that the animal is in its carrier throughout the entire journey. The customer will incur compensation charges if the interior of the vehicle is damaged in any way by the animal (refer to clause 9).

KlassChauffeur is responsible for providing the requested transportation services and their performance per this contract after the booking has been accepted and the fare has been collected by KlassChauffeur (except for corporate account holders for which other payment arrangements are made). We do not take responsibility for bookings made directly with the driver.
KlassChauffeur acknowledges no responsibility regarding any damage or loss to any property or luggage carried in or on the vehicle except if the damage or loss is a consequence of negligence by KlassChauffeur. When the property is being left or forgotten in a vehicle KlassChauffeur will organize the return of such items if the customer covers the postage expense. When contact with the passenger and/or customer cannot be established, the property that is left or forgotten will be passed onto TFL.
KlassChauffeur is liable in the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident — we will put forth a valiant effort to complete the journey with another chauffeured vehicle. We can subcontract the booking to another licensed operator at our own cost, but we cannot guarantee on-time arrival and the initially chosen fleet category.
Liability regarding transportation services belonging to KlassChauffeur can sub-contract the booking to another licensed operator, but the contract KlassChauffeur will remain in force. KlassChauffeur is responsible for ensuring that both drivers and vehicles that perform the transportation services are licensed by TFL.

The passengers are responsible for not damaging the vehicle. The passengers are responsible for covering the cost of repair for damage to or necessary cleaning of the vehicle(s) if these are in excess of normal ‘wear and tear damages and necessary cleaning. In the event that a driver reports the need for repair or cleaning by providing evidence, such as a photo or video, KlassChauffeur the passenger(s) will also receive the evidence. Such requests will be verified at KlassChauffeur reasonable discretion. An invoice for repairs or cleaning will be provided to the customer. A receipt indicating that the amount paid is equal to the cost of cleaning or repair will be sent to the customer via email. Legal action will be taken if refusing to pay for the damage and/or cleaning.
The customer is responsible for choosing a pick-up time that is well in advance, considering the potential delays such as unplanned road closures, traffic, and more.

We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in the performance of our commitments – if an event beyond our control causes these. An event beyond our control is characterized as any demonstration or event beyond our reasonable control, including invasion, war, threats (regardless of whether war is declared or not), civil war, revolution, rebellion, flood, storm, snow, subsidence, earthquakes, epidemics, or other natural disasters as well as a failure of public or private broadcast communications systems. Traffic delays, road traffic accidents, road closures, lockouts, and strikes (including air-traffic controller strikes) are included. Such exceptional circumstances can be compensated only to a limited extent – longer waiting periods or last-minute cancellations must be accepted by customers.
In the event of a vehicle breakdown, punctures, or accidents – we will put forth a valiant effort to complete the journey with another chauffeur-driven vehicle but will not guarantee an on-time arrival.
If an event beyond our control occurs that influences the performance of our commitments under the agreement:

  • We will contact you at the earliest opportunity to notify you.
  • Our commitments under the contract will be suspended at the time of performance. They will be extended depending on the duration of the event which is beyond our control.

In case of a complaint about the company’s services, the passenger should KlassChauffeur. If this action does not give an immediate desirable result, complaints should be submitted in written form within 14 days of the contract’s end date. KlassChauffeur will acknowledge all complaints within 14 days and reply within 28 days.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against provocations, harassment, discrimination, and rudeness, either verbally or in written form, against our representatives, employees, and contractors. It is prohibited for passengers to open the doors while driving, throw any objects from the vehicle, and/or stick body parts out of or shout from the vehicle. In such an event, KlassChauffeur holds full rights to withdraw the services to customers immediately and at the time of the event. The full amount paid for transportation services will not be refunded. The consumption of food is discouraged and littering and/or spilling of liquids is prohibited.
Passengers that are believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances might be refused travel if their conduct represents a threat to the driver, the vehicle, or other passengers. The money paid will not be refunded.
KlassChauffeur maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles.

Payments must be authorized by the cardholder KlassChauffeur retains the right to not proceed with or cancel the booking without prior notice if we suspect that the customer is involved in or associated with any fraudulent activity. We reserve the right to report suspicious activities to the authorities.

KlassChauffeur is committed to securing and respecting your privacy. We will treat all your personal information as confidential and never disclose it to third parties. We will only use it per our Privacy Policy.

  • At the point when you make the payment via a payment link, the payment system will request that you input your details to identify you and confirm the transaction. These details can include your debit/credit card details and other personal information.
  • We confirm that the payment information will not be held by KlassChauffeur but securely encrypted onto our third-party payment system.
  • KlassChauffeur is registered at Information Commissioner’s Office and has KlassChauffeur designated Data Protection Officer.

Nothing included in these Ts & Cs can affect the client’s statutory rights.